Friday, 4 October 2013

Branding and Brand Management

 India’s No.1 Cough & Cold Brand

Vicks built its brand image as the Spanish epidemic broke out in the 1900s, precipitating in a rush for cold and flu reliever.

In this wake, Vicks began expanding its line forming a comprehensive collection of cold and flu relievers. In India, it was launched in the 1950s. From the start Vicks was marketed as a OTC medicine for colds alone. 

Vicks is branded as a product that parents trust to use on their children. It is imaged as a family must-have. Owned by most homes, it is used alongside prescription medicine. Today, the name Vicks is "internationally associated with heritage and trust, reliable performance and relief, and most of all: free breathing."[1]

Brand motto:   "breathe life in"
Brand mantra: "Use on nose, throat, chest, all over the back"
It promises:       Relief from six cold symptoms
                              - Dry cough
                              - Blocked Nose
                              - Breathing difficulty
                              - Body Ache
                              - Headache
                              - Muscular stiffness

Vicks has some strong, distinct association. First it's packaging -  the iconic triangle shaped logo and the blue and green colours. Competitor products tend to use very similar colours in order to position themselves alongside Vicks VapoRub as reliable and good medication. 

Secondly, Vick VapoRub's cold relief action is impressed on users' minds by way of advertisements. Advertisements show vapors rubbing off after application, leading users to expect certain qualities in the product. Its mentholated smell which is strong and refreshing is felt immediately on application. The scent goes with its pain alleivation action, which gives it an overall feeling of healing to the user. 

Brand Equity

Vicks VapoRub is perceived as most 'effective' in its category. With immediate and efficient relief action, Vicks VapoRub is used alongside prescription medicines or even alone - making it indispensable. VapoRub is even favoured over other Vicks products. 

The Vicks' image is linked to mother -like care - the message intended is that Vicks gives care just as a mother does. This message is repeated implied in their advertisements. It has been the brand message since it's entry in the Indian market, as it has been internationally.Lately, advertisements show father using Vicks VapoRub on his child in the mother's absence, and also children using it on their parents. 

It is viewed as a home-essential. Almost all homes stock Vicks at all times of the year. Vicks is versatile as it provides six symptom relief. Additionally, it is also popularly used for head-aches and body pains as a balm, although the product is not marketed so.

Vicks VapoRub is an international leader in its market and is the most trusted brand.

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